How to make Halloween safe this unprecedented year

During these unprecedented times, Be smart this Halloween season,

Will Halloween even take place?

Scary Pumpkins for Halloween from Discount Diva Styles That’s the one question I often hear from my kids. But the real question for everyone is, can we find a way to enjoy Halloween and still be safe? Can we think outside the box and be creative in creating a safe place where our children, co-workers, can come together and have a great time partying or trick or treating while maintaining social distance? We are living in what seems like a surreal moment in time. It feels like a nightmare, but unfortunately, it is our reality, and it is real. Let’s see if we can allow our children to continue the Halloween tradition while maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask.

  • Perhaps those taking their kids out for trick or treating start earlier, especially when younger kids are involved
  • Remember to practice social distancing
  • Wear a PPE mask instead of your costume mask
  • Keep and Use hand sanitizer 
  • Wait until you get home to assess your candy treasure

Now, for grown-ups. We all know the importance of social distancing at parties, especially when the party is indoors. Here is a thought, have your party outdoors. Be creative when setting up your food display. String your outdoor lights in different colors to give off that ghoulish effect. Place seating chairs at a distance and leave plenty of room for those who love to show off their costumes while dancing.  

Are you looking for some great costumes ideas? Look no further as Discount Diva has got you covered.

  • Gangsta Mama is in play this year.  show all the players who the real boss is.  But wait there’s more…
  • The Pirate Lass, now she is a fine thang who is ready to do battle to rob your ship.  
  • Now the Rascal Jester may just make you laugh and who doesn’t need a good laugh during these crazy times

We’ve got sexy to downright silly costumes to make this a Halloween one to remember.  Just think about what you want to be and go for it.

Discount Diva gives you options!


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