Wardrobe Drama

Wardrobe Drama:

How To Use What You Already Have In Your Closet To Create A New Look That Builds Confidence

Turndown collar shirt dress A lot of people spend an arm and a leg on clothes… only to have them sit in the closet until they literally rot away. Why? Because they don’t know how to wear what they buy. They don’t understand the vital connection between what they put on their body and how they are perceived by others. You can get all the nice clothes you want, but if you don’t know how to wear them, you won’t feel confident and you’ll be seen as unsure of yourself.

  1. The wardrobe makeover gives you simple steps on what to do with all the clothes you already own so you can start wearing more of the clothes you love! Whether it’s clothing from your own closet or items you’ve purchased, there is a simple way to put together a versatile outfit that will flatter your figure and make you look and feel great.
  2. The most important element of an outfit is versatility. You want an outfit that can be worn in several ways so you can wear what makes you feel comfortable.
  3. Mixing patterns, textures and colors can work wonders for your appearance and self-esteem. Try this simple method to achieve maximum visual impact with minimum effort.
  4. The first step in creating an “it” look is to identify three “it” items that you already have in your wardrobe. (They don’t have to be expensive.) Put them all together in different combinations and see what works best.
  5. Keep mixing until you find a combination that you really like.

Don’t be afraid of dressing up. In fact, if anything, you should be more concerned with making sure you are wearing the right clothes than you are about your “dressing down” image. Dressing up helps set you apart from the crowd and can have a huge impact on your success.


Mix it up. If you tend to wear mostly blue, add a pop of red, yellow, or green. If you typically wear khaki, mix in a striped shirt

Your closet is a “magazine” of possibilities. You just need to learn how to “read” that magazine and quickly access the right combination of articles to create an instant “outfit” that flatters your figure and makes you look and feel great.

By using the step-by-step approach outlined here, you will be able to go into your closet and create several new outfits every week. And those new outfits will be “tailor-made” for you

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